Working Out While Traveling

I travel a fair bit for work, and have historically let it affect (read: completely stop) any sort of fitness routine I might have going at home. Normally I try to get to the gym 2-3 times a week, and do whatever is the WOD at my CrossFit (Sprint) gym. When traveling, I just let it slide normally, and then try to get back into a routine when I get home.

This last week, I was in Florida for the week and decided to try to get in a bit of a workout. I made up my own minimal CrossFit-ish routine that I could do in a park on my own, with no equipment. Here’s what I ended up doing (2 days in a row):

10 up-and-back; air squats, pushups, and “box jumps”, with a 2 minute break at 10. Light run for ~5 minutes.

So I started with 1 squat, 1 pushup, one box jump (onto the side of a brick flower bed), then 2… up to 10. Rest for 2 minutes. 9 squats… back down to 1 (for a total of 100 of each). After that, I rested for another 2 minutes, then finished off with a light jog around the park I was working out in. The whole thing only took about half an hour, and fit perfectly into my schedule. It was a really nice break from otherwise sitting in a conference room all day, every day, and hopefully will make it easier to get back into my normal routine next week.

2 thoughts on “Working Out While Traveling

  1. Over the last few years I’ve become obsessive about exercise while traveling. I always stay at hotels with gyms now and (to my own dismay) wake up early every morning for an hour or more of cardio/weights. I just don’t feel nearly as good anymore unless I get in an hour a day – fascinating how habits change over time as even I’m surprised at the discipline I’ve achieved in this particular one. The morning thing is the kicker – I kind of know if I don’t do it first thing I probably won’t and somehow that little notion has sunk into my brain deep enough to stick.

    Regarding your regime: I talked to a CEO recently who travels often and his routine is a lot like yours. He swears by burpees – claimed that it’s one of the most space efficient / intensity-rich things you can do and you can do it anywhere (as he does in hotel rooms / or in stairwells so as not to bother downstairs neighbors 🙂

    1. Yep, the movements I was doing were basically just “deconstructed burpees”. Mostly because I couldn’t bring myself to do actual burpees 😛

      I just can’t do the morning thing. Maybe one day that will change, because I definitely agree that it’s hard to stay motivated to fit things in otherwise. I had a scheduled 1 hour break on this trip which gave me a window just big enough to do this and shower before dinner, so it worked out nicely.

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