A Clean Slate

I’m pretty excited to be setting up a brand new website here on my brand new domain, beau.blog. As part of being the company managing the new .blog domain name, we were able to reserve a single domain each, and I grabbed my own name, which I think is pretty darned neat.

My plan is to move my personal blogging over here to beau.blog, and keep Dented Reality as something of a lifestream/aggregation tool. I’ll probably experiment with some really non-traditional-blog display of the data over there, and keep this one pretty “bloggy”.

Anyway, here we are, at the dawn of a new year, also at the dawn of a new website. Even with all the Snapchats and Instagrams and Facebooks and whatnot out there, I still firmly believe that we should control our own online identity and presence, and that owning a domain, and controlling the information you present there, is the only way to do it. Viva la WordPress!

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